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Process– 2016

Created in collaboration with the artist, “Process” is an exploration of how to show the work of an artist who, at times,  places greater importance on the act of creating his work than the work itself.

16 Shots 2017

As part of an assignment to create a legacy through visuals, the piece is both exploratory and observational, representing seemingly contradictory places in my style.


A small glimpse into the daily lives of two occupational scavengers in N.E. Thailand.  Without formal education or training, many urban poor must be creative in earning an income. Community members were most excited by the chance to show the world their employment.

Spider– 2010

Follow Spider, a homeless man, as the community tries to find a way to help him off the streets.

Baan Dada– 2009

Amidst difficulty, a children’s home in Western Thailand provides opportunity for these Burmese refugees.

A Memory, Maybe 2017

An audio piece attempting to find ways to concretize the abstract. It became an experiment for myself in how to bring the audience along on the ride, and create spaces where they could get lost in their own thoughts/experiences at the same time.  Best listened to with headphones!